Capturing Culinary Curiosities

An explorer by heart, whether traveling the world on a budget or trying new experiences in the home, I’m all about learning. And making mistakes. And trying again to get it right.

How else will we become better?

In a world where we’re currently surviving a global pandemic, we need creative minds to spark with others whenever possible and keep the ideas crackling. After trying several things on my own through the brightly burning embers of others, it’s my turn to help light the fire.

So why a blog? Sites like these help others learn about potential pitfalls and gain new ideas for their own advancement. By documenting my learning throughout the way, readers can avoid my mistakes and maybe take things in a new direction that makes them even better.

Whether you want to know more about wine and spirits, finding ways to generate fresh foods and meals from an urban household, or simply getting ideas for your own recipes, this site will chronicle my own forays into food experimentation.

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