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Project Goal: Recreating a Weekend Treat

One day, you might wake up and realize something you used to buy no longer exists. I stumbled across such a problem last week, and I’ve decided to do something about it.

Hot Sauce Remixed

Fermentation adds flavor with a few simple ingredients. With the right methods, I was able to make a tongue-tingling hot sauce with fermented peppers in one week!

Dehydration Adventures — Conditioning

After you dehydrate, what happens next? Read on to find out about the crucial step prior to stashing your newly-dried produce away for long-term storage.

Dehydration Trials: A Beginning

The long awaited dive into dehydration has arrived, with three different fruit trials and a brief list of tips I’ve learned so far. More to come very soon!

Coming Soon — Adventures in Dehydrating!

New projects ahead! I’m splurging on a new gadget that should help me better preserve summer fruits and vegetables for later consumption. The goal: save money and eat healthy all year round.

Radish Chips, Part 2/2: Remixed and Revised!

Sometimes projects get abandoned, and then you become inspired to try them again with fresh eyes and even fresher produce! Let’s make healthy radish chips… again!


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