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Weekly Food Adventures

As I write the start of this post, I’m sitting at the dentist’s office at… yup, around 8 PM. It’s a long story why I’m here, and I’ll not bore you with details, but it won’t stop me from sharing a couple of culinary highlights from the week. Radish Butter If I’ve tried radishes before,Continue reading “Weekly Food Adventures”

Petit Verdot: Cute Name, Big Flavor!

Not an official Wine Challenge post, but I wanted to make room for a cool single-varietal specimen passed along this week by a friend and fellow wine enthusiast.

Wine Challenge, Week 14: Zweigelt Rosé

As promised, how winemakers make rosé! Plus, we also touch on “organic vs. biodynamic” before tasting a beautifully nerdy wine from Austria.

Weekend Experiments: Mushroom Bacon

In which I attempt to turn mushrooms into a bacon substitute: a tragic comedy featuring a forgotten eldritch horror of the deeps.

Winey Things: All about that Tannin

A big element of red wines: tannin. What is it, where does it come from, and how should we use it in creative food pairing?

Wine Challenge, Week 12: California Chardonnay

Attempting appreciation of a wine style I don’t typically drink unless I have to, or when it’s the only option. Challenges are all about trying new things and re-examining old opinions, right? Here we go.


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