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Recipe in Verse: Springtime Risotto

Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know what to tell you. It’s a new recipe, but in verse. Each step in a different poetic format. Yes, I’m crazy, but at least I’m having fun! 😀

Firstleaf: Unboxing Day

Subscription services exist for even wine drinkers! Are they worth the hype? I’ve just started one with Firstleaf, so here’s what I know so far.

Pasta Wars: “A Fresh Hope”

Ever tried making pasta completely from scratch? Well, I hadn’t either until last week! Here’s how it’s going.

Wine Reserves — Revisiting Old Favorites, Part 1/4

At times, digging through the wine cellar can produce wonderful finds of old favorites! Today I revisit a white that once knocked my socks off at a Rioja wine seminar. Will it stand the test of time, three years later?

Pantry Stocking: Basics

After a nice hiatus to get organized and set myself up for 2022 success, I have returned. Tonight, I discuss what basics I have to have on hand in my kitchen to make it through the week.


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