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Christmas for One: New Recipes, 1 of 2

For those curious about how my experimental crêpes went on Christmas Day… let’s just say those “leftovers” did not last! Read on for the recipe. Happy holidays!

Vodka Ventures: The Long-Delayed Part 2/2

What did I do with the leftover vodka from making liqueur? If your answer was “drink it,” you’d be mistaken! Here’s what I did instead.

Recipe: Doug’s Cold Brew

Presenting my version of at-home cold brew, with a great many thanks to Doug, who helped make it happen!

Tsipouro: What comes after grape harvest

Ever heard of tsipouro? I hadn’t until I needed it for a wedding gift! Check out some background and my tasting notes on one particular brand of this grape-based distillate.

Five Ways to Keep Meal Planning Going

Prepping meals for a busy workweek takes time, energy and motivation that many may struggle to muster. Here are five ways I keep myself going, despite frequent failures of my own.


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