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Coming Soon — Adventures in Dehydrating!

New projects ahead! I’m splurging on a new gadget that should help me better preserve summer fruits and vegetables for later consumption. The goal: save money and eat healthy all year round.

Radish Chips, Part 2/2: Remixed and Revised!

Sometimes projects get abandoned, and then you become inspired to try them again with fresh eyes and even fresher produce! Let’s make healthy radish chips… again!

Recipe in Verse: Springtime Risotto

Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know what to tell you. It’s a new recipe, but in verse. Each step in a different poetic format. Yes, I’m crazy, but at least I’m having fun! 😀

Firstleaf: Unboxing Day

Subscription services exist for even wine drinkers! Are they worth the hype? I’ve just started one with Firstleaf, so here’s what I know so far.


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