Project Goal: Recreating a Weekend Treat

It’s a known fact that many of us found comfort in new (and at times unusual) sources during the recent, rather massive global pandemic when most activities deemed normal were declared unequivocally verboten in many locales. Lockdown lasted for an extended period where I lived, and I found that I had to scramble to reorient myself to a new way of living.

Note that I’ll not argue for or against the wisdom of such decisions by authorities. Suffice it to say that stuff happened, and we all learned to adapt in our own ways.

Moving on!

For me, food projects and their associated research became the new focus. Working towards self-sufficiency, building a healthier lifestyle, and planning to go tiny became my way of dealing with the no social contact rules.

However, with regards to the healthy eating part, I cheated a tiny bit on the weekends by indulging in a wonderful treat I discovered at my local liquor store. Then, as restrictions began to open up again near the end of 2021, my attention wandered elsewhere.

It caught my attention last week when, on a whim, I thought I’d go out and purchase that item again, I couldn’t find it anywhere locally. Insofar as I knew, the product hadn’t been discontinued, but still it had vanished from shelves anywhere within at least 30-mile radius.

(Much as I loved the thing, I didn’t think it worth a crazy long drive to retrieve.)

What’s a foodie girl to do? Why, attempt to make this myself, of course!

Yes, I know, I know… you’re all wondering what crazy new venture I’m embarking upon, what trivial item could possibly be worth my time and attention.

Here, then, is Exhibit A, Your Honor: the Kahlua Espresso Martini.

Oh yes. A 200ml can of velvety smooth nitro espresso with a shot of Kahlua. On Sunday mornings after a long week at work, it sent crowds of endorphins careening full-tilt through my brain like a Tokyo train car at rush hour. And on top of that, if I felt a teensy bit extra that day, I’d add a shot of Irish cream.

My one complaint: the cocktail fell more on the sweeter side of the spectrum than I really liked, hence why I limited myself to one small can on Sunday mornings.

Perhaps, then, this presents an even better opportunity! If I have to make my own, I can figure out a different recipe, right?

My task, broken down into research questions:

  • How much Kahlua — or alternative coffee liqueur — can I add, so as to not destroy the coffee’s flavor and not make the cocktail too sweet?
  • Could I make my own coffee liqueur???
  • What methods are available (preferably small footprint and cost-effective) to create the nitro effect on the brew? Can I use this item, should a kitchen addition become necessary, for other projects as well?
  • How much time would go into the whole process, start to finish, how does the cost break down per serving, and is it even worth it for a once-per-week indulgence?

And thus a new journey begins. If you have suggestions or ideas to help me get started, let me know in the comments!

Short post this time, but I have a few different designs “brewing” at the moment. Next week should give me more opportunities to draft everything out and continue my researchcan’t wait to share more!

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Published by Allie

Foodie explorer with Stardew Valley dreams. Lover of wine but not beer, cheese but not milk, and all things chocolate. Working to learn as many self-sufficient, at-home food production skills as possible.

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