How to Support the Blog

Since a couple of people have reached out to me about donating, and the WordPress app actually doesn’t let me apply the widget manually via my phone (bleh, annoying), I figured it might be easier to make a single post regarding donations and leave an unobtrusive link for interested parties in all subsequent updates.

Thus and therefore, I present to you with all the finesse of a fencer’s flashy flourish… the newly minted Donation Page!

Click the shiny button below to get there, where you can find a bit of information about how it works, what happens when you donate, and how the blog will grow in the future.

And now, back to my regularly scheduled shenanigans. Expect a wine post from me before the weekend…

Published by Allie

Foodie explorer with Stardew Valley dreams. Lover of wine but not beer, cheese but not milk, and all things chocolate. Working to learn as many self-sufficient, at-home food production skills as possible.

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