Fun Farmer’s Market Finds — Apriums

Sometimes, cross-pollination yields incredible outcomes. As I discovered in the last week, plums and apricots are genetically compatible for the creation of hybrids — the first of which are called “apriums.”

Described by Morton’s Organic Orchards in Palisade as “2/3 apricot, 1/3 plum, and 3/3 yum,” these palm-sized delights look the shape of a plum, but with the light dusting of fuzz and coloring of an apricot. It’s delightfully tart, with an easily removable pit, and a soft bite.

Jess from Morton’s explains that their first apriums grew by accident through the near vicinity of their apricot and plum trees. They did so well at market that they eventually bought some aprium trees to help meet demand. With a nonexistent crop of cherries and a lighter yield of peaches this year due to late frosts on the Western slopes, no one should let this fresh fruit opportunity pass them by.

One recommendation suggests oven warming halved apriums with a dollop of ricotta, and then drizzling a bit of honey over them. I have a bit of a different idea in mind for my fruit, which I’ll post about next week.

Thank you to Morton’s Organic Orchards for providing the background information for today’s article! If you’re in the greater Denver, Boulder and Longmont areas, they’ll have booths throughout the season with both apricots and peaches arriving very soon.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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