Mushroom Growing — Trial 1 Results

With four weeks (or more? I forget) of troubleshooting and working with the leads at the local mycology supply, it’s officially time to call my poor mushroom block a failure. The best I got were tiny little pins along the sides, which gave me hope, but they never grew any bigger.

Everything we tried in order to revive it since the last post:

  • Placed it under diffuse light that I turned off at night
  • Increased water spritzing to 3-4 times a day
  • Tightened the rubber band around the bag
  • Sealed the bag again and just “let it do its thing”

Alas, to no avail. Sometimes you just end up with a bad block. They’ve offered me a new one, which I’ll likely use to try again with everything I’ve learned so far. I may even request a side-fruiting species instead of a top fruiting one to see if it fares any better in my apartment.

Saying that I’m bummed that this didn’t work out would be a massive understatement. Let’s hope that I use my extra life wisely instead of falling prey to a piranha plant?

1UP! 🙂
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In the meantime, I bought some pearl oyster mushrooms from their stand last Saturday to cook up and add to some instant pot egg bites — the handy recipe can be found here. Half of the batch will be goat cheese with the sautéed mushrooms, and the other goat cheese and sliced shishito peppers from my garden. Looking forward to hearty breakfasts this week, despite the at-home mushroom fail.

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on

Short post today, folks, and I’m likely going to only update twice a week for a bit so that I can get caught up on some things at home.

However, I will tease that I’m doing an interesting experiment this month that I’ll talk about during the last week of May.

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