Wine Reserves, Part 2/4: Let’s Hear it for Local Wine!

A continued dive through my wine collection reminded me that I really needed to revisit more local wines — or at least, local to my current state of residence!

Tonight’s selection offers memories from my first visit to the Colorado Wine Festival in September of 2019. Specifically, I attended a wine and chocolate pairing event (two of my favorite things!) and took the opportunity to meet several of the winemakers who lived out on the western slopes.

As soon as I stole a sip of this red blend between bites of chocolate, I couldn’t help returning for more later. The aromas enticed, and the flavors enchanted. I brought a bottle home to try “later,” and now that time has at last arrived!

Now open for business is…

Non-vintage reds have their own delightful charm, even if the profile changes slightly each year.

…the Carlson Vineyards’ NSFW Red blend. Meant as a table red without bells and whistles, Carlson’s website defines it as “pair[ing] well with simple, casual meals or a good movie.”

This clear, medium garnet wine offers playful, punchy aromas of red currant, quince, hint of bell pepper, cedar and dried cherry at medium intensity. The flavors, just as simple, wash gently over the tongue at medium minus intensity, likely indicative of too long in storage. Red cherry, tart raspberry, and dried woody herbs dominate, fading rather quickly on the palate.

Dry with medium acidity, medium low tannin, medium alcohol and a light body, this example of the NSFW is starting to reach the end of its life at three years. With a soft, quick finish and a lesser intensity of flavors & aromas, this simple wine, despite its age, maintains an acceptable quality that anyone can enjoy even now.

Whether with popcorn and boxed candy, or non-fussy fare like toss-together pastas or pizza, this NSFW would delight just about anyone with its fruit forward nature and spunky spice.

I’d really love to try a fresh bottle again at some point to compare the results! Keep in mind that I tried an older bottle, and this wine wasn’t made for long-term storage; fresh is best with table wines. 😊

Got a wine you’d like for me to try? Let me know in the comments, so that I can both find a bottle and write about it!

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Thanks for reading!

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