Wine Week, Part 3/3: “Phylloxera, the Great Destroyer of Vines”

After discussing the history of one of any vineyards’ many bogeymen, I conduct a comparison tasting of two examples of South Africa’s signature grape: Pinotage.

Wine Week, Part 2/3: “Wine World Awareness, Vintage 2021”

In part two of the “Wine Week” series, we zoom out to look at several events affecting the 2021 wine vintage across the world. Then, you can read through my assessment of a Barossa Valley GSM.

Wine Week, Part 1/3: “Ways to Make Your Local Wine Merchant Smile”

Part of a three-post series focusing on wine, wine buying, and wine pairing. We start with tips for visiting the local wine merchant, and then finish with a review of a South African Chenin Blanc.

Wine Buying Tips: “Bookmarking” Your Favorites

Maybe it’s the writer or reader in me, but whenever I find a wine I love, I have to document it. This doesn’t mean I post every “cool” wine I find on Instagram, though others do use that as a means of noting their own discoveries, and it is a valid option. Instead, I justContinue reading “Wine Buying Tips: “Bookmarking” Your Favorites”

Fourth of July Special: Wines for Fireworks and Weekend Grillin’

Looking for a great wine to take to a summer gathering? Whether you celebrate the Fourth of July or not, here are five of my picks for this season!

Ongoing Project: Women in Distilling

This began as an independent passion project, but I’m hoping that through this blog, I can get additional recommendations and continually add to the list over time. Eventually, I will create a companion post that focuses on women in wine. I’ve mentioned a few during the wine challenge, but I’m always on the hunt forContinue reading “Ongoing Project: Women in Distilling”