Wine Week, Part 1/3: “Ways to Make Your Local Wine Merchant Smile”

Part of a three-post series focusing on wine, wine buying, and wine pairing. We start with tips for visiting the local wine merchant, and then finish with a review of a South African Chenin Blanc.

Wine Buying Tips: “Bookmarking” Your Favorites

Maybe it’s the writer or reader in me, but whenever I find a wine I love, I have to document it. This doesn’t mean I post every “cool” wine I find on Instagram, though others do use that as a means of noting their own discoveries, and it is a valid option. Instead, I justContinue reading “Wine Buying Tips: “Bookmarking” Your Favorites”

Fourth of July Special: Wines for Fireworks and Weekend Grillin’

Looking for a great wine to take to a summer gathering? Whether you celebrate the Fourth of July or not, here are five of my picks for this season!